9 comments on “Illinois Beach State Park

  1. Great photos, Stephanie! So many beauties! Your Great-crested flycatcher is my favourite – perfect guidebook pose and colours (the russet streaks in the primary feathers!!!). I think the Nelson’s sparrow is a Lincoln’s sparrow – the dark brown streaking is finer and darker; also, the eyebrow feathers are grey instead of buff. I haven’t seen any Lincoln sparrows this year but I saw a few last year. I love their song and I find the buff feathers quite lovely. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Myriam! We had a wonderful two days exploring. And thank you for your identification of the sparrow. This was a first for me, and now that I look closer, I see the differences you were talking about. Thank you!

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    • Thank you Kelly. I had to smile when you posted your warbler pictures, knowing that I was on the same mission as you:-) Also, thank you for the correct ID of the Lincoln’s sparrow. There are so many sparrow species that look similar.

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