13 comments on “Sparrows

    • Yes, Eliza, for a yard that is not in the country, we do have a lot of birds that come by. It is such a joy to listen to all of the singing first thing in the morning….it’s a great start to the day!

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    • There is something joyful about creating a space for wildlife. Because I live in town, there is a limit to what I can do; maybe someday I will have a country space, then watch out, I will probably create a wildlife refuge:-)


  1. These are amazing Stephanie! I know how much you love sparrows. That white throated is one I haven’t seen yet. I love your white crowned sparrow pic! Wonderful. Can’t wait to get back home and go photographing with you!

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    • Thank you Bill. I have seen the white-throated sparrow before, but never at my feeder. I was really excited when I spotted him. It won’t be long before you are back, and we will have the whole summer to do what we love – take photos. I’m looking forward to planning our first road trip!


  2. How lovely to have these beautiful visitors in your own backyard! Great shots too! I have only spotted a couple of different sparrows here, and since they hide in the leafy trees at the salt marsh, I’m lucky to get a shot in a blue moon 🙂

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    • Thank you Tiny. I do feel lucky to have so many types of birds stopping by. Sparrows are difficult to photograph! Almost every time I go out birding a will see a swamp sparrow, but have yet to photograph one:)

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