7 comments on “Trumpeter Swan?

  1. It looks like a trumpeter swan to me. The colouring is likely from tannins and minerals in the vegetation and soil when they eat from a lake-bottom. I found a similar image at http://birdsintheyard.com/blog/previous/3. Love the amazing clarity and colours in your photo :-)! Too bad the bird numbers weren’t there. There is a lake in Calgary that may get lots of birds soon, but I heard that it doesn’t happen every year. It would be impressive to see. I saw some Trumpeter Swans for the first time this year. It was neat to see native swans. I’d only seen Mute Swans before, with clipped wings. Also neat that they do make trumpet sounds!

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    • Thank you for your response and link to the blog post Myriam. The swans in the post look just like the ones I saw, so now thanks to your help, I am confident that they are trumpeters. Every time I see a swan I have to stop and admire it; they are just so beautiful. We have trumpeters in our area, and if travel south about an hour and a half I can spot mute swans. I hope you get a chance to see some migrating birds in Calgary! It is exciting to watch so many birds in one place.

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