9 comments on “Bald Eagle

  1. How wonderful! Is that a muskrat den it is standing on?
    Last Friday, I was stunned to see my FIRST EVER bald eagle in a tree above our tiny river. Clearly it was passing through (there are bigger rivers nearby where they have been sighted) but to see one here thrilled me no end! It gave me great hope.

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    • I know it is a den of some sort, but am not sure what kind. Perhaps it is a muskrat den; I know there are a lot of muskrats in the area. That is exciting that you saw your first eagle! There is something about them that just brings joy to my heart:)


      • The Native Americans saw the Eagle as a symbol for great strength, leadership and vision. I love this interpretation: “When an eagle appears, you are on notice to be courageous and stretch your limits. Do not accept the status quo, but rather reach higher and become more than you believe you are capable of. Look at things from a new, higher perspective. Be patient with the present; know that the future holds possibilities that you may not yet be able to see. You are about to take flight.”
        Are you ready? 😉

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    • Thank you Tiny. We are so lucky to have large numbers of eagles that winter over along the Mississippi River in the winter. They also raise their young in our area in the spring. It is such a magnificent sight to see!!


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