9 comments on “Great Day for Birding!

    • Kestrels and red-headed woodpeckers are also a rarity in my area, Eliza. However, last weekend I found a spot where there were red-headed woodpeckers and they were still there today. This was only the third time I have seen a kestrel. Even rarer in my area is the pileated woodpecker. I was very surprised to see it; I only wish I could have gotten a better photo.


      • Pileated woodpeckers are pretty shy, but they are in our woods, we often hear them. I’ve only seen a red-head once, they tend to range more to the south. Kestrel numbers I hear are declining with the loss of pastures and farms around here. Sad, they are such beautiful birds.

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  1. A couple of years ago we had enticed a red head to out bird feeder. I’d not seen one for years. Then we moved… but last summer spotted one feeding in the bushes with my grandson. They are a special bird.

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    • It had been years since I saw one too. Then last spring I saw one from a distance. I was very disappointed not to get a photo. Then last week I spotted several eating acorns in a wooded area by the Mississippi River. I went there again today and was pleasantly surprised to get a few shots (although they were kind of far away). They are such beautiful birds. Maybe someday I will get one to come to my feeder:)

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  2. Awesome photos Stephanie! Glad you had some success this weekend! I’m glad you got the redhead and the pileated. I would love to get close to a pileated sometime. They are tough ones, that’s for sure!

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