7 comments on “Eastern Bluebird

  1. Those are some glorious-looking birds. No wonder people consider them a harbinger of good tidings. That Tamron is still doing well by you, I see. At least I think that’s what you were using, since the meta data isn’t posted. Whatever you used, these are beautiful photos. Now that you’ve found their “lair,” maybe we’ll be seeing more of them. Here’s hoping.

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  2. Yay! You got them! Glad your “hunt” worked out for you. They are beautiful. Looks like we have both had a couple of good days for photos. Can’t wait to see some of your insects. I’m still working on identifying.

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    • It was such a beautiful morning to be out! At first I thought that the bluebirds had left because they were nowhere to be seen. However, after about ten minutes they showed up. Yes, we have had some good days for photos. I too am working on my insects and will get them up soon. I look forward to seeing the insects that you captured; hope to see them soon!


  3. Beautiful photos! I love seeing them on the wires up the road where there is a large, open field with lots of nest boxes. Occasionally they visit our yard, esp. in winter to eat the ilex berries. I love the male’s call, similar to a robin’s but prettier.

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