7 comments on “European Starling, Beautiful or Not?

  1. Starlings aren’t the rats of the passerine world everyone believes them to be. They’re smart, fast, can mimic just about any bird in their vicinity, and they really work hard to take care of their young. That iridescent sheen in their feathers can really be striking in the right light. But they can almost be invisible perched in a tree, which I guess is no accident.

    Incidentally, did you know that Starlings love to find old, rotted utility or pier poles and make their nests in the top? I guess it is not different from a tree, but it is kind of amazing how they got that figured out. Utility poles are usually nowhere near trees (pier poles are in the water, for heaven’s sake), which means they’re a very remote target for any predator. Actually, unless you know there is a Starling nest in the top of one of those things, you’d pay it no mind. Very clever little devils.

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    • Thanks for the information Charles! I find starlings interesting creatures. They are fun to watch as they try to manipulate things to get their way. They were really prolific earlier in the spring, but they only come around every once in a while now.


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